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What We Do Best

  • We Promise to Provide Great Service at Honest Pricing
  • Same Day Garage Repair in Port Orange Florida
  • We Show Up When We Say -We respect your Time Us
  • Garage Door Opener – We have Replacement Openers With Us
  • You’ll Love Our Deals on  New Garage Door Replacement
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair Service
  • Licensed & Insured CRC1329903


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Save $100 on Lifetime Warranty Garage Door Replacement

Large selection of quality garage doors at very competitive prices.  Save $40 off one new door and $100 off 2 doors. Brand name doors sold & Installed. We offer a lifetime warranty on all garage door replacement that we sell and install.  All of our garage door replacements come with a lifetime warranty.





Garage Door Services Offered:

  • Full Service Garage Door Repair Service
  • Same Day garage door repair in Port Orange Fl
  • Free Estimate on Garage door Replacements -Big Selection & Terrific Prices
  • Garage Opener Sales Repair & Service
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all garage doors sold and installed
  • Broken Springs replaced
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • New overhead door replacement

Same Day Garage Door Repair Service

garage door opener being replacedWhen looking for the right garage door repair company, it is a good idea to follow a few steps. Most folks may try to do market research about the different garage door repair companies in their city. The first step is to talk neighbors and friends about who they use for their garage door repair needs. All your friends and neighbors probably have a garage for their car or truck and have probably needed to use a local garage door repair company in the last few years. This is a good place to start and if they are happy with a company then chances you will also be happy with the same company.

We will give you a written estimate of the repair cost before we began any work so that you are not surprised by the end cost. Once you approve the estimated cost, our repair workers will begin fixing your malfunctioning door and have it up and running again in no time. Before you know it, your malfunctioning door will be a thing of the past and you can get back to the convenience of an automatic overhead garage door in your home. For more information about all of our full-service garage door repairs, take a look around our website or contact us directly at Quality Garage Door Repair today. We understand the hassle and aggravation that a malfunctioning overhead garage door can cause, and we have heard our customers complaints about waiting for parts at other garage door service centers. Because of this, we ensure that you will never have a wait time when you schedule repairs with us. We ensure that all repairs are done in a speedy manner by keeping any and all necessary repair parts on-site constantly. We take our customers’ needs seriously and we want to get out there and fix your residential garage doors as fast as possible with no surprises.

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Same Day Garage Door Opener Repair Broken Springs Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener Replacement

garage opener by genieHow long do garage door openers last? This is a question that can be answered according to where you live in Florida along with the quality and brand of garage opener you have. Salt plays a big part in how long garage openers last because of corrosion. Living close to the ocean will causes you to replace them mWeore often. Buying a heavy duty garage opener is smart depending on usage and weight of garage door.

Plan on replacing your garage door opener more often if you choose to purchase a lower quality garage opener. Many times we move into a used home and didn’t choose the current garage opener. Servicing the garage door by checking and lubricating all the moving parts helps. We stock Genie openers and heavy duty garage openers on our service trucks ready for immediate installation.

We Stock New Garage Openers on our Service Trucks

garage opener by genieYou can eliminate unnecessary garage door repair costs by having your local garage door repair specialists do timely maintenance. All parts tend to wear out quicker if you do not do inspection of the springs, rollers, cables and pulleys. A good garage door person will lubricate the moving parts for smoother operation. This includes door balance and reversal tests for your garage door.

Many homeowner want to know when they should replace the garage opener vs fit it. All our garage door repair service people will be able to answer that question. They will look at your current garage opener, look for corrosion, wear and tear along with quality of the opener. Sometimes it is a short in the wire circuit. Other times it is burnt out. We will also check the garage door for excess wear and lubricate moving parts along with replacement bolts and screws.

Call for Same Day Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement

Maybe one of the new drivers in the family damaged a hinge on the garage door. Call and we will be able to do any garage door repair including garage opener repair.  Quality Garage Door Services sells heavy duty garage door openers including the Genie garage opener.  Call for prices

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Garage Door Repair 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair Genie Opener & Broken Springs

Garage Door Replacement – Best Deals In Town

garage door replacement in townGarage doors may need replacement for several reasons, one being it’s old and warn out and the other more common because someone did some damage to the garage door and it needs replacement. Either way, our motto is to sell quality garage doors at the lowest prices in the marketplace. We offer several models and colors with a lifetime warranty. We respond quickly and have a team that installs all our garage door replacements.

We sell two entry level garage door replacement along with premium garage doors. Both models are extremely durable and built to last. If you’re looking for a garage door that will last and look great, the entry level garage door replacement can fit your budget and still have a great look that will enhance your neighborhood and home value. It is built with steel construction and lasting qualities.

We Have The Best Solution For New Garage Door Replacement

All our overhead door replacements comes with color options which include almond, sandstone, white and brown color doors. All the garage door replacement include No-Flex operation which ensures that the overhead door glides firmly with limited vibration. The doors include better sealing which will reduce your home air conditioning bills. All are high quality doors that we guarantee and include installation.

If you want to save on your energy bill, the higher level doors is a good option. Because of our hot summers in Florida (especially if your garage door faces west in the afternoon sun) the garage can become quite hot. The insulation will reduce the garage heat and you will save money on your energy bills. Both door options is the same durable construction with the insulation being the main difference.

Call For Free Garage Door Replacement Estimate

replace garage door due to accidentMost homeowners love that we have options and great prices along with the fact that we install all the overhead doors ourselves. We have many doors in stock so we can install it when you need it. We service all the garage door replacement that we sell and honor the lifetime warranty. Whichever door replacement you choose, we will stand behind our doors and labor costs. Call for a free estate today.

24/7 commercial overhead door repair service is what we offer because you need it.  If your in need of commercial overhead door repair, garage opener, broken springs – we can do it fast.  When it’s time to replace your overhead door, call for very competitive pricing and fast installation service.  We are prompt. Nobody will do a better job and we pay attention to details along with guarantee all our work.




Services Offered:

  • Fast Garage Door Repair in Port Orange Fl Area
  • Same Day Garage Service
  • Full Line of  Garage door Replacements
  • We Service & Install All Our Own Garage Doors
  • Broken Springs Replacement
  • Genie Openers Installed and Sold
  • Commercial Overhead Door Repairs
  • New overhead door replacement
  • Overhead door service contracts available
  • Licensed & Insured & guaranteed

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Fast Overhead Door Repair Commercial Overhead Door Replacement & Opener Broken Springs Reliable Service

24 Hour Commercial Overhead Door Repair

The requirement for being a commercial overhead door repair service is more than what almost all of the garage door repair companies can offer. The training, skill level, knowledge, promptness, attention to details along with the proper equipment is necessary. That’s why not every garage door repair company can be called when a commercial overhead door need repair, service or replaced.

If you own a local garage door repair business and looking to enter into the commercial overhead door marketplace, the requirement are different. You will need the proper skill set and knowledge and tools to do the job right the first time. You will need to offer 24/7 service because time is money. You will need to be able to repair and replace openers, overhead door replacements and stock parts.

Get Fast Professional Overhead Door Service NOW

If your needs is overhead door replacement. As a vendor, you will be expected to be prepared in case the business calls says the overhead door has been damaged and need immediate replacement. You will need suppliers set up, know what they need and have the skills and equipment to get the overhead door installed immediately.

The business community is not as forgiving as the home garage door repair service. First, the business community is more demanding. The person you usually deal with is the warehouse manager and they have a boss over their head. The business that plans ahead and when the warehouse manager calls with an emergency and you solve it, you get to keep their business. If not, you may never get their business back.

If you’re a business owner with a warehouse and overhead door, then you’ve come to the right company. Quality Garage Door Service has 30+ years of experience and if the premier commercial overhead door service company in central and lower Florida. We offer highly skilled personnel along with our own overhead door repair and replacement teams. Call for service 24/7 and we will answer and respond quickly.

Call For Free Estimate On Any Overhead Door Repair

Most folks don’t expect to need a garage door repair person, but garage doors do need service.  Quality Garage Door Service is family owned and operated with 35+ years experience in all phases of garage door repair and commercial overhead door repair service.  We also replace door for garage doors and commercial overhead door replacement with our own highly trained staff.  We offer same day garage door repair service for all of Port Orange Fl area homeowners.  If you are a business, we offer 24/7 commercial overhead door repair service for prompt repairs.  We are fully Licensed and Insured Garage door repair (CRC1329903) service.

Quality Garage Door Repairs

  • Get a Free Quote for any job
  • Garage Door fixed Same Day
  • Save Money with our Internet Specials
  • Fuly Licensed and Insured


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